It’s not me. I think.

In about 70% of my documentary family photo shoots children cry. They have very good reasons. Dad finished the cauliflower during dinner (of all things), raw pizza dough is not a meal (you should bake it first, gasp), your brother prevented you from scoring a goal at football (that’s his job as a goal keeper), cookie dough is not renewable material (it should be), bicycle helmets ruin your looks (I totally agree), brushing teeth EVERY day is overrated (don’t agree) etc., etc.

Don’t sweat (because of me). Keep calm and carry on photographing. ¬†Teary moments make wonderful, real and honest images.


girl crying at dinner table crying little girl crying child clinging onto mother crying boy during football game boy crying at dinner little boy crying boy crying at lunch little girl crying brushing teeth little boy with bike helmet crying



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