Hurdles addressed – No. 1: Preparing for a photo shoot

The dread of preparing for a photo shoot is real – in people’s heads. And it is the biggest hurdle which prevents families from booking a photo shoot. Total overwhelm.

With Documentary Family Photography you do NOT prepare. Not at all! You go about your day as if I wasn’t there. School runs, homework, sports, preparing and having dinner, bath and bed time routine. Your daily routine offers endless photo opportunities. Just by living it. Family Photojournalism is organic and spontaneous, which makes it so super fun. What happens happens. Tidy house and new clothes: Don’t worry about what your house looks like. Wear what you feel most comfortable in, wear whatever you would wear at any given Tuesday. These sessions are not about looking perfect, I am there to capture connection and emotions. Not furniture or fashion. Just let your guard down and come as you are. Exactly as you are!

As Mum Judith summarized: “Fortunately we did not make a plan beforehand – we are certain it would not have turned out as spontaneous and well as it did. Children are full of ideas and as on every other day, you naturally react to them. The images (i.e. whilst sitting on the floor) turned out beautifully. Yes, okay, one could be critical about one’s love handles but honestly, they are there!”

Don’t believe me? Read more in my blog post “No preparation needed”. 


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