Hurdles addressed – No. 2: Are we the right kind of family?

Working, planning, meeting, multitasking, driving, shopping, waiting, playing, caring, tidying, cooking, reading, worrying, educating… the list goes on. I capture the meaning and beauty in the biggest task you have ever taken on: parenthood. I am a family photographer, showing you how you love and are loved by others.

Life is a collection of actions and moments that make up our day. Every day. Honor these moments unique to your family by capturing them in images – telling your story for generations to come. This is what Family Photojournalism is all about – a photo shoot where your children’s lives and your interactions with them are documented in a fresh, unfiltered and timeless way.

I hope you understand that there is no “right kind of family” as such. However, Documentary Family Photography is not for everyone. The sessions are long (6+ hours); they are great for families with more than one child and for parents who are wanting images that show their relationship with their children. I reveal who you are at this moment in time. Documentary Family Photography is exactly what it sounds like – photojournalistic in nature – there’s no posing, no directing or meddling from my side. The sessions are meant to be real and will be a true representation of your family. It takes self-confidence and a good family chemistry to pull this off. As long as you love each other and all of you are up for a little adventure, there’s no stopping you. Or me.

If you are waiting for the perfect moment to book – don’t. There is no such thing as the perfect moment. Perfection is unattainable and boring. There will always be a tooth missing, a haircut gone wrong and before you know it, your children are out of the house. Book a Documentary Family Shooting and keep your family story alive.



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