Outdoor Boys!

Family B is an energetic bunch. Two boys and sporty parents – they are always on the move. As always, nothing to prepare, I just followed them in what they were doing anyway. That’s the beauty of documentary family photography – no preparation, no stress, no planning. I capture the day the way it unfolds.

The family lives in a beautiful Augsburg neighborhood with the river Wertach nearby. Endless cycling paths come in handy on the way to the river. It is a popular recreational area in Augsburg but there’s plenty of pebbly beach for everyone.

Building dams, throwing stones as far as you can, picking flowers and cycling all the way makes little boys very hungry. I loved the relaxed table setting of the family – they use the table as one giant sandwich board which the little fellow embraced wholeheartedly. The North facing garden was a revelation too. Wonderfully shaded and cool on the day of our documentary family session. I envy their lush, shade loving plants (our garden faces South and West… lots of sun and wind, some summers not “lush” at all :-)).

Too soon it was bath time and bed time for the boys – only under protest, although they were knackered! Going to bed at 8pm on a perfect summer’s day sucks. I hear you! Yet, it didn’t take long until they fell asleep and probably dreamed of building dams and fortresses.


boy putting on pyjamas for bed time bath time brushing teeth for little boy energetic little boy and tired father family dinner with cold cuts pyjama time for little boy boy enjoys rice pudding for dessert baby boy crawling boy picking flowers in summer quite time of mother and son reading a book family activity of picking flowers during documentary family photoshoot picking flowers in summer family dinner at the table t-shirt with lion for boys dinner time for baby boy boy building a dam at the river baby boy with wet shoe boy on bicycle during documentary family photoshoot boy crying wearing a cycling helmet boy puts sun lotion onto fathers arm

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After just a few minutes of getting to know Petsy, our initial nervousness (which manifests itself by a serious tenseness in front of cameras) subsided and we fell back in our usual relaxed and easy going mood. Petsy’s competence as a photographer is expressed in her unique sense for special moments and unusual perspectives as well as through her positive and open-minded nature. She quickly brought both children and us adults to behave “everyday” and thus be authentic. We think you can see it in the images!

During the photo shoot we had plenty of time and space for all the usual daily routines. As always there was fun and joy but also conflicts and tears – which is part of any ordinary family day. Petsy always remained discreetly in the background, so we often forgot that she was there at all.

And this is exactly what makes the difference: the loud and quite moments, the realness, us in family mode interacting with each other – I could never catch all this myself. The result blew our minds. Every single frame is simply beautiful and we really like ourselves in the images (we normally don’t!).

Thanks a lot, dear Petsy, you get five out of five stars – with another big star on top because you have met our two rascals at eye level and with a lot of empathy. We will be back for more.



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