Trampoline and paddling pool!

It was a hot summer’s day when I visited Family C for a homestory and their documentary family portraits in Friedberg, Bavaria, close to Munich. Two lovely and lively daughters, Jule and Anni, made sure there was never a dull moment. Icecream and home baked muffins provided energy for trampoline jumping, paddling pool bonanza, watering the garden, lots of running around and cuddling with Mum and Dad. None of the images are posed or directed. Just capturing a summer’s day and life as it happens.

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The documentary photoshoot presented a whole new way for us to experience photography. With an unique, brilliant result. The whole family is thrilled about the photos. We especially like that the images are raw, real and lively, and show us in our natural environment. Nothing was directed or instructed. We were our natural selves, not forced into executing instructions.

Most of all, I find that the photos show the smallest detail of our day in a very charming way. Moments of daily routine, often unseen with the naked eye. The photos show the beauty of everyday life.

My husband likes that the photos beautifully depict different emotions. He especially appreciates the artful play with the depth of field. Jule likes that she looks so beautiful and Anni simply loves all photos.

My biggest concern was whether we could really be us, being photographed by a stranger. Would we behave normal and natural? Fortunately, everything worked out well. Petsy’s mindful and easy going nature gave us the feeling of having a dear friend over. We could talk and chat about this and that and somewhere along the way we were being photographed. Kind of unnoticed. It was a very nice, relaxing, and entertaining day. We were surprised when six hours came to an end.

To have a day in family life captured in beautiful images, is a very special memory of a special, single day. When we will look at our photos in 20 years from now, we will be able to re-live that day in our minds, and we will remember exactly our gone by routine with our young children with details that you will probably forget. I also love Petsy’s imagery from her guided 1hr shoots. The special thing about her is her uncompromising approach to natural images. I am very happy that we have these beautiful photos and the memory of a summer’s day in 2016 for eternity.



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