Bunnies and pizza!

Family E – super relaxed parents Judith and Stefan with two energetic and lovely boys David and Jonas – had their first Embrace photo shoot in summer 2016. Exactly one year later, we had our second documentary family photography shoot at their rural home outside Augsburg.

Last year’s hot topic was fire brigade. This year all the attention centered around the latest additions to the family: two adorable bunnies “Schogetto” and “the bunny with no name” (yet). The bunnies are from a breeder who specializes in extremely child friendly bunnies (who knew that was a thing?). They love to be stroked, held and cuddled. Bunnies can be a moody bunch, but not these two. Fluffy, happy and ready to oblige to any cuddle, squeeze and carrot coming their way. And they have quite an appetite!

So part of the family’s routine nowadays is going to the field and harvesting yummies for bunnies. Even the better if there’s a little bridge on the way to throw some stones and plenty of dirt tracks to ride your bike. Playing Hide & Seek in the garden was hilarious with Dad Stefan hiding behind an inflatable shark.

The time just flew by and too soon it was time for dinner prep which is a team effort for Family E. Pizza! David couldn’t be persuaded to wait for the dough to bake and was seriously miffed with everyone for not letting him eat handfuls of unbaked pizza dough. A little downtime with Dad helped before he remembered to protest against bedtime. Obviously.


hide and seek documentary family photography photo shoot picking strawberries during documentary family photography photo shoot playing hide and seek boy crying whilst playing with brother family going for a walk boy is being comforted by mother ladybird bug boy throwing stones in the river mother and son collecting plants for a bunny young family collecting fodder for bunny father throws son in the air boy going for a walk with Dad black bunny and boy little boy crying dinner preparation at a family home father and son baking pizza boy is helping with pizza baking family cooks dinner together downtime with Dad boy with home made pizza father and son eating pizza boy in firebrigade uniform playing with brother little boy getting ready for bed downtime with father and son bedtime stories with boys

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