Firebrigade, hometurf and wellingtons!

Family E are Mum Judith, Dad Stefan, and the little ones Jonas (3) and David (1). I photographed them over a longer period during the day, purely documentary. Funny enough, they live in the village I grew up in (and have never photographed a single soul there until this day). The firebrigade is the all encompassing theme in the household, Jonas makes sure of that.

Dad Stefan is currently on parental leave which includes travels to the island Sardinia. When at home their daily routine involves a trip to the nearby farm, watching horses and other animals and learning to ride a bike on the way. I visited this very same farm a lot when I was as a child. Happy memories! Jonas loves his wellingtons (me too!) and is talended young chef, really skilled in helping to cook lasagne. Yum!

son helping mother to make coffee boy siblings sticking tongues out baby boy disappearing from room family of four eating fruit boy falling asleep at dinner table baby boy crying during dinner father and son cooking lasagne boy feeding carrot to father boy and wooden duck running boy with firebrigade helmet baby boy mushing fruit

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We liked the idea of capturing everyday life for a prolonged time during the day right away. Who would otherwise photographed the rage of the youngest child, just because he does not want to wear a bib for dinner or the take-off oaf a selfmade “rocket” in the living room?

Still, we had concerns… how will the children react and behave? Will we react differently than usual? How does one look sitting on the floor… do you want this picture in the album or up on the wall? When Petsy came, I thought goodness gracious, we should have made a plan what to do and instruct the kids. It took a little getting used to… could we REALLY be allowed to be ourselves and spend a leisurely afternoon?

Yes, we could 🙂

The children and us very quickly accustomed to Petsy and her taking pictures. Fortunately, we did not make a plan beforehand – we are certain, it would not have turned out as spontaneous and well as it did. Children are so full of ideas and as on every other day, you just react to them. The bottom seat pictures turned out beautifully … yes okay, one could be critical about ones love handles, but honestly, they are there!

What we liked best about the shooting: Dad Stefan: the images are entirely unposed; pictures were taken, which I would not have done so myself e.g. David wept and sulked several times that afternoon. Myself, Mum Judith: Finally I’m in the photo! Preparing dinner and cooking together is an important part of our everyday life, great to have some images of it now!

It is very difficult to say what we like most about the images because they show our great, sweet, cheerful, witty, crazy, stubborn children – our family… and I guess that is exactly why they are so awesome: Our family with all its facets, the whole range of emotions that can be experienced in one afternoon. When I see the images, I see us … in our home.

Now we have images which are not only incredibly beautiful, because Petsy just has an incredible talent to make beautiful pictures, but also wonderful moments and a great memory of a beautiful day. We liked Petsy immediately and since our day would not have been different without Petsy, the duration of the shoot was not a problem for us. On the contrary: It would have been a pity if we had missed great moments like cooking or the bedtime routine.

If you love beautiful, authentic pictures, then Petsy is the perfect fir for you! Which shooting type you will choose certainly dependends on your type. If you are happy to throw yourself into the “adventure” not to plan or prepare, the family documentatry will be perfect for you.



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