Football, cows and brothers!

Football rules in the household of Family K. Two brothers, what can I say?! I visited the family for an unposed photojournalistic family shooting during the time of the 2016 European Football Championships and there was much excitement in the air. About football. Obviously. True fans! There was a game on in the evening (Germany playing) and Elias, the older boy, was allowed to watch it.

The grandparents were expected for dinner and football watching but we had to kill some time until then. It was hot that day, perfect for playground and garden activities and the daily trip to the nearby farm. I have never seen a little boy on a bicycle in a cowshed, wearing a Germany football shirt before. Until that day. Just a “regular” day for Family K, but ever so great.

boy on mothers lap pregnant mother pushing son on swing happy boy laughing on swing rowdy siblings boys inspecting bobbycar small boy on bicycle in cow stable boy getting undressed for bathtime baby boy having a bath boy with towel over his head after a bath boy with wet hair after bath mother drying son's hair with hairdryer

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During the shoot, I really appreciated the relaxed atmosphere between Petsy and us. My biggest concern was that the children will feel observed and consequently do not behave as in everyday life. Due to the good atmosphere between all of us, everything worked out fine. On the contrary. The children were calm and very well behaved, and didn’t force a laugh everytime the camera pointed at them.

There was a conversation between Elias and Petsy, him on the swing, Petsy sitting on the grass. It is great for children to have someone around them, who gives them the feeling that they understand.

We love the obvious naivety of our children the most about the images. There are many perfect, yet everyday moments, captured in beautiful light. We have already recommended Petsy to friends with the note ” very nice and friendly photographer, superb work” .



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