AWOL, music and an indoor swing!

Family K, a lively and fun loving family of four, made their dream come true and built a home in rural Bavaria. The kids, Quentin and Selma, love their garden, so does their furry friend Emily. Selma (3) has a reputation for going AWOL (‘absent without leave permission’), consequently she has a loose definition of what is ‘her’ garden and she can easily be found at their neighbors 😉 she is a true free spirit, full of energy, a little bit of mischief and a big heart. Selma has this amazing swing in her room (!) and she loves her trampoline. She certainly has the energy to bounce off walls all day long! Love it!

Her brother Quentin had an impressive story for me. He is a member of the famous boy’s choir “Tölzer Knabenchor” which takes a lot of discipline and determination of an eight year old to juggle practice and tour dates with school, family, friends, and sports. The Tölzer Knabenchor (Tölz Boys’ Choir) is a German boys’ choir founded in 1956 in the Bavarian town of Bad Tölz and, since 1970, based in Munich. Education starts at the age of six, each member receiving intensive solo vocal training in addition to weekly group rehearsals. The ensemble is actually composed of several choirs, divided according to age and musical level. The choir is ranked among the most versatile and sought-after boys’ choirs in the world. Tölz boys have been entrusted with the boy solo parts in Europe’s leading opera houses. The choir is in great demand in oratorios and symphonic works performed by renowned orchestras and famous conductors. The Tölzer Boys have travelled throughout Europe as well as to the US and Asia. The repertoire covers vocal music from the medieval to the modern, folk music, madrigals and motets, church music from the baroque to the classical, solo roles and opera for children’s choirs.

Quentin is a quick witted and funny little fellow and certainly keeps his parents on their toes. Time just flew by during our Documentary Family Photography session on a a sunny Spring day. We planted beans and pumpkins, played Hide & Seek (so easy and sooo much fun), prepared BBQ which turned into a delicious dinner thanks to Dad Matthias. Too soon it was time for bath followed by bedtime stories. The tales of magicians and fairies filled the house and sent the children off to sleep.


father reads bedtime story to son boy in bathroom preparing for bed boy with shower cap family holding hands during dinner prayer little girl helps preparing dinner wearing an apron parents have a laugh with daughter in the kitchen father daughter moment girl giggles while Dad is lying in her bed girl on indoor swing Documentary Family Photo Shoot by Petsy Fink Family Photojournalist Munich Petsy Fink little girl playing hide and seek girl pointing at BBQ mother and daughter on trampoline during documentary family photo shoot little girl with angry face dirty feet of children boy playing with father gardening project of father and son boy on trampoline

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