Photographic homestory of Charlotte and Family!

Little Charlotte (1) is at an exciting stage of her life. She is learning to walk. She has ample help. Dad’s strong arms, Mum’s never ending encouragement and bear & bunny willing to be driven around their beautiful family home. Charlotte was relentless and trying hard, she is an inquisitive little girl, ready to take on the world. Practice, practice, practice – Charlotte decided that this is what it takes. She loved standing and being on her feet, feeling comfortable to take those first few steps. Her parents gently encouraged Charlotte to became more confidant while cruising and try to let go of the wall or furniture but always made sure to lend a helping hand. The first steps are a monumental moment for little ones — just fair to make a big deal out of it. Walking is all about confidence so everything leading up to those first steps need plenty of praise and encouragement. It may take a few stumbles and series of steps before baby is on the move and Charlotte was soooo close. Very much to Charlotte’s dismay, the weather was not on our side on the day of our documentary family shooting. She would have loved to play on the terrace. Instead Charlotte donned a flowery dress and golden hair clipper, bringing sunshine into the house and shooting. It was a relaxed, fun and easy going afternoon. Reading children’s books, baking pizza, playing and – practicing to walk with a few rounds of pulling socks off and putting them back on. Socks off won.


flower dress for baby girl toddler drinks milk bottle before going to bed girl in flower onesie jumpsuit cuddles in mother's arms Father and daughter playing and laughing in the living room family reads children book together Mum helps daughter to brush her teeth but needs father's help mother comforts tired baby dog made of tweed baby feet in baby socks on Triptrap chair Father helps daughter to put on socks child helps mother prepare dinner little girl on kitchen counter watching mother preparing dinner Dad comforts crying baby girl DIY crochet bunny mother and daughter in harmony on the sofa baby hands on a window little girl in cute dress learns how to walk and makes a funny face girl in flower dress snuggles with mother

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We liked the fact that we felt we could do nothing wrong, even in rather “unpleasant” situations. Charlotte fell once and began to cry. Something that you would rather avoid in a regular photo shoot, since it is not “perfect”. However, you explained that these pictures are authentic and a realistic picture of us and of our everyday life. After this moment we were able to let go completely and did not notice being photographed any more.

The photos are very special and precious to us, even though (or because?) we have already done some standard photo shoots with other photographers in the past (engagement, wedding, newborn, 1st birthday …).

No other pictures touched us like yours. It is quite different to see yourself in your everyday environment ‘through the keyhole’. Family and everyday life are perceived in all its peculiarity and preciousness. In every single image we see happiness in the smallest detail.

We were concerned that Charlotte might feels uncomfortable because of the camera or photographer 🙂 and might behave different than usual. These concerns were completely groundless, our little girl was easy going and just as we know her. Same for us. After the mutual warm-up, we lost our inhibitions and felt unobserved. The whole experience was very positive. You were very nice to us from the beginning, time passed quickly and everything just worked out beautifully. During a regular photo shoot one is very concerned about appearances and often checks in the mirror. That was also different this time. We have thought about our outfits, sure, but during the documentary shoot we did not think about looks and outfits at all. The money is absolutely well invested, because a documentary family photo shoot is special and the pictures have a very special charm.



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