Pizza and ponytails!

Family L have been in front of my camera for yeeeears, since the twins Mia & Felix were just a few months old. We used to see each other for 1-hour guided family sessions – typical for my other brand, Happiness by Petsy Fink.

Last time we gave family photojournalism a go. I was interested to see how the whole family would respond, they were used to guidance and guided posing. I knew they could pull off documentary family photography, all four are so easy going. Still, our previous “co-operations” for success included me in a different role. Well. Family L was fabulous. As always. As soon as Mia had her ponytail braided, wild paddling pool games were followed by fast scooter races and even wilder swinging in the garden. In a “frozen” themed swimsuit and with a manicure in between. Obviously.

We started shooting in the early afternoon on the brightest, hottest August day you can imagine. The paddling pool in full sunshine. Normally, a photographer’s nightmare 🙂 but I am all for it. That’s why I love, love, love black and white. Super sunny and high contrast images are just beautiful. Sigh.

By the time the family prepared dinner (BBQ pizza, yum!) the twins had settled down. Or were just plain exhausted? I would have been! They are clocking some miles during the day! So much energy! During the bedtime stories you could hear a needle drop. At last.


girl moisturizing her face  bed time stories for 2 small children

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Dear Petsy,

As long-time friends, we have enjoyed quite a few photo shoots with you. You always have new ideas and carefully think about offering your customers images with various themes and from different perspectives. To choose between your different types of shoots (guided versus documentary) is hard. The results are always fabulous and also during the guided 1-hour photo short shoot we never felt we had to pose. You always catch the right moments and make it look ‘unposed’ and as natural as possible.

The documentary family photo shoot was new for us. A photo shoot over a longer time period of time, during daily life, without any instructions, sounded stressful. As always, our concerns were groundless. You just morphed into our everyday life and we chatted along the way. It is difficult for us not to chat with you and to keep you from your work 😉

The pictures are simply beautiful and very different from our ‘guided’ session of previous years. They capture a lot of movement, energy, liveliness and authenticity and our family, as it is. It makes us very happy to have these kind of keepsakes of our lives. Thanks so much Petsy!



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