Bobbycar and paddling pool!

I had the great pleasure to spend an afternoon with Family O on a very hot and sunny day. Little Finian (1.5) is a content and cheerful little fellow. His Mum deciphered his talk for me and once he started (after being a bit shy having just woken up with a camera in his cute face), there was no stopping him.

Finian. I love his name. It is celtic, his parents Denise and Dominic have a love for Nordic things – and it fits his looks perfectly! Minou, their cat, is the most chilled cat I have ever seen. Finian and Minou are a match made in heaven. She actually loves having her tail pulled by Finian (so I was told).

We spent the afternoon playing in the garden and paddling pool, with all sorts of water related gadgets… we met his neighbour friend for a bobbycar race and some more paddling pool action – fully clothed. Obviously. We took a walk to see cows in the field, and went to the playing ground where Finian was on the swing on his own for the first time. Success! So much adventure calls for a bath in the evening. With a bit of hair and teeth brushing drama sprinkled on top. Nothing a bottle of milk can’t fix 🙂

Family O have photos all over their house, I hope that one of mine will find its way on a wall or into a frame too.

mother applying sunscreen on boy little boy pulling his stetson cap off boy in shorts pulling at cats tail blonde boy playing in paddling pool boy eating Kinder chocolate father explains toy to son mother and son looking at cows in the field family of three going for a walk blonde boy singing on a swing mother and son drawing with chalk boy racing on bobbycar boy crying in bathtub boy drinking a bottle of milk in arms of mother

You are excited about the images and would like to get in front of my camera? Great! GET YOUR INFORMATION BROCHURE NOW OR DROP ME A LINE and we will talk about your story and your images. I would love to hear from you.

My/our biggest concern was the naturalness in front of the camera. We were afraid to be stiff and not relaxed. We are not really photo experienced. Will we provide enough photo opportunities? Is our daily routine enough? Will we do well? How does one look his/her best? Shall we look towards the camera? Or not? You completely took our fears away. Having a casual chat in the beginning helped us a lot, getting to know you and you telling us about you. Eventually we almost forgot that someone is around, taking pictures. Also our concern that Finian might be clingy and shy, quickly disappeared into thin air. And at some point we felt safe and experienced.

The shooting itself was so cool. Amazing what and how you photograph. We love the detail shots, like our baby monitor placed on the African drum in Finian’s room or moments that we would not photograph… the crying child in the bathtub, that hates to get his hair washed. But hey, that’s everyday life! It’s also great that you have photographed additional things like the cows, the excavator, our cat… for the overall storytelling.

My husband and I love the fact that the images are extremely natural. Nothing is posed. Besides, you really have a knack for the perfect moment to capture beautiful situations (for example, as Finian pulls our cat’s tail :-)) We really enjoy your ideas for pictorial compositions. We as amateurs believe that a perfect photo shows a person, an animal, a tree etc in full size. Sometimes you are photographing only parts of something/someone, feet or hands. They are some of my favorite photos.

We would like to highlight your professionalism and the unique skill to create completely unposed images and to find the perfect moment. You put tremendous thought into your work. Moreover, we could see that you love what you do. You don’t photograph according to the book. We believe that everyone should make a documentary family photoshoot, because you a invaluable keepsake for a lifetime. Memories fade quickly but photos preserve the moment forever. Photos will remind you, how beautiful this certain time in life was!



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