Aaaand action! Sporty family photo shoot in Augsburg!

It was the end of October that I visited Family B for a documentary family photo shoot in their beautiful house in Augsburg’s Textilviertel. Two boys – Oskar (6), Hugo (4) and little Romy (7 months) kept their Mum Kathrin busy in the afternoon with homework (pfffff, Oskar was not pleased but pushed through learning the letter ‘L’… well done young man!) and a little bit of constant mischief. Little Romy loves her big brothers and was sooo eager to keep up but the young lady is just about standing up on her own, and took a few first steps at the end of the photo shoot, yay! Victories sprinkled on a regular day. A regular day for Family B involves going outside, the boys just have so much energy. While they grabbed their bicycles, Kathrin cruised along on her long-board. I love a sporty, chilled Mum!

Family B lives in the ‘Textilviertel’ (textile neighborhood) in Augsburg, Germany. One hundred years ago approximately 30,000 people worked in Augsburg’s spinning mills, weaving mills and dye works and Augsburg was called the ‘German Manchester’. The State Museum of Textiles and Textile Industry (tim) resides in one of Bavaria’s first factories, and documents the once European-wide significance of the industrial city of Augsburg using machines, samples and a “catwalk of fashion history. Tim’s surrounding once industrial neighborhood was re-purposed and re-constructed into housing recently. Very family and children friendly, so we hit two nearby playgrounds until hunger drove them home. Meanwhile Dad Lutz had come home from work, taking over playtime whilst Kathrin and Hugo prepared pizza for dinner. Put a 6-year old with a 4-year old in one bathroom and let the party begin. It was hilarious and magically they all got clean and ready for bed.


boy eating a cookie in stylish home Augsburg Dad feeds bottle to little girl on a Ligne Roset Togo chair mother and son baking pizza during documentary family photo shoot with Petsy Fink father sitting on floor and playing with three children in kids room toddler reading a book about superheroes boy with melon helmet on bicycle Petsy Fink mother and daughter watch son on swing during documentary family photo shoot by Petsy Fink Augsburg Textilviertel playground mom with two sons on a swing in Augsburg Textilviertel baby girl learning to walk mother on skateboard with sons on bycicles winter outfit with knitted hat for girl family with three children doing homework during documentary family photo shoot by Petsy Fink in Augsburg boy doing his homework on kitchen table

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I liked the fact that you were present but unobtrusive. Invisible in a certain way. I never felt like I was being watched. We never felt disturbed by you or the camera. Hugo was curious, but that’s normal. On the little playground, on the swing with the boys (picture from behind), I did not think ‘Oh, Petsy will take a picture’, or in the bathroom, when I hugged the boys after their belly-nonsense-action. It was just the thing to do, lovely and normal.

We are a very open family, so we do not mind strangers. Still, I thought I might be somewhat inhibited. I don’t consider myself very photogenic and I wondered how I would feel being photographed for hours, how will that go down? I also wondered about Petsy’s interaction with the children. But there was no reason for any of that whatsoever. We were a good fit from the start. We felt good. We pottered around as usual and spent the day as always. Of course, I considered what would happen if the kids go bananas… they didn’t. And if they did, you would have photographed just that. And I would have laughed about these images as well!

I love the reduction to black and white (everyday life is colorful enough) and the curated selection of moments. Non-perfect perfect moments. We told our friends that you capture people the way they are, and that is the most important: authenticity.



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