Ice cream and cauliflower tears!

2016 was a hot summer in Germany. It was pretty hot and sunny during our family photojournalism session with Family W in Augsburg. We stayed indoors for the beginning of the documentary family session and baked muffins! So easy, but always a lot of fun, especially when you are the one who gets to “clean” spoon and mixing bowl!

I don’t mind heat at all. I am more like a lizard. The hotter, the better! As long as there is enough ice cream around! That’s why we ventured to the nearby ice cream shop before Carlotta (3) got sporty on the playground. Smudged faces and all. Baby Hannah (3 weeks) was happy with all of it. Sleepy and relaxed. The afternoon was filled with “muffin tasting”, watering the garden, playing and reading before it was time for dinner. I never saw a 3-year old crying because the cauliflower was gone. Love!

sisters holding handsgirl licking cookie dough from spoonmother and daughter playing on sofadie wahre Lebenskunst besteht darin im Alltäglichen das Wunderbare zu sehenfamily picking icecreamlittle girl with ice cream all over her facedaughter on a swing laughing with fatherparents on a swing at children playgroundtired baby girl in a cripgirl eyeing freshly baked muffinschildren nursery moment with mother and sistersbaby feet on Dad's kneefamily preparing dinnergirl crying at dinner tablegirl contemplating food during dinnerbath time for little girl getting face washed

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We were most surprised that we did not have the feeling of being photographed by a stranger, but as if a good, longtime acquaintance was visiting, shooting a few pictures, which then turn out to be really great. We did not expect it to be so easy and uncomplicated. Our daily life and privacy were not disturbed in any way and also our three year old, got used to being photographed very quickly.

As a consequence the images are very authentic, capturing a moment in our life. We like the curation of the images, as it presents a whole range of emotions and situations. For example when our daughter licks the whisks with such pleasure and devotion after baking some muffins, is an image that would have never been captured in a “regular” shootings which we have known so far.

We appreciated the hint, that during family photojournalism the probability of having all family members in one picture is very small. Daily routine and tasks require splitting up. Nevertheless, we succeeded in having a few moments captured with all of us.

Guided and posed images have their place, and – if well-done – can also look great and convey emotions. But from what we experienced, documentary family photographs have much more depth and emotion. However, here a good eye for the right composition and a feeling for the moment is necessary. You have it all, dear Petsy. We would tell our friends just that 🙂



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