Trampoline, swing and summer!

Family Photojournalism has been close to my heart since summer 2016, when I started to photograph families in this particular style – strictly documentary without any directing from my side, images in black and white only. I fell in love with the concept at my very first photo shoot.

In March 2017 I launched ‘Embrace by Petsy Fink’ – my very own brand to highlight documentary family photography. To celebrate the website and brand launch, I offered a sweep-stake on social media. I posed the question “What is your favorite part of the day as a family which you would like to have photographed?” Many enlightening and lovely comments later, it was time to choose a winner… drumm roll! The lucky winner was going to be Family R from Augsburg!

Family R are actually existing clients of mine – and I love the idea that they embraced a different way of photo shoot than what they experienced before. I had the great joy to photograph their son Jannis as a newborn. Time flies! Little Mister Charming was walking when I arrived at the family’s home in June this year. A beautiful, hot, sunny summer’s day. Perfect for any kind of family outdoor activities in their lovely garden (weed-free garden envy!). We spent the afternoon on the trampoline, on the swing, in the sandbox, running a LOT engaged in water pistol fights…and after several rounds of ALL of it over and over again, Amelie and Yannis gave their parents a break – relaxing under a clear blue sky, reading a storybook, painting a mermaid, and eating ice cream.

Amelie is a gymnast and an unstoppable sporty and creative whirlwind. When the trampoline-swing-rounds picked up speed again, Mum Claudia conjured home-made pizza, which earned her a high-five of Jannis 🙂 The young man knows his favorites! The day passed incredibly fast. Way too soon it was time for Jannis’ bath and bedtime routine as he is the first in the family to get some shut-eye. During the photo shoot the family expressed their joy about all the fun and activities going on as a family. Often enough one parent is busy with chores or in the case of Family R, Dad Tobias, comes home late due to a long commute. Not this time. I think they were ALL knackered 🙂


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We were really looking forward to the day of the photo shoot, even kind of longing for the day to arrive! However, the closer the day approached, the more we taxed our brains! What could/should we do all those HOURS?! What shall we wear? Is our everyday life too dull for a photo shoot? Each day is relatively similar…

When we look at our beautiful, vibrant photos, we can say that you captured exactly what makes this kind of imagery and your work so special: Everydayness! Daily routine! That was real, nothing was posed. The photos reflect exactly the life we ​​live – every day. And the ‘everyday’ fades away too quickly into the past. The black and white editing of the images enhances the focus on the essentials. The eye is not overwhelmed by “multi-color”.

In retrospect, the extended duration of the photo shoot makes total sense. Enough space and time to relax into the unfamiliar situation, to warm up in order to act normal and not “arranged”.

Petsy, luckily you changed your career years ago… you love what you do and your love and passion is visible in every image you take! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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