Football and paddling pool!

Usually I recommend documentary family photo shootings to families with two or more children or that the single child is at kindergarden age. There is simply more (inter)action to photograph. Family S is one of a few exceptions I have photographed, with little Ferdinand at the center of attention. And guess what. One 2-year old kept Mum Josephin, Dad Marco and me busy for hours! We had a blast on a very hot summer’s day playing football in the park (Dad Marco is Italian, so you can expect some good ball game!), and a beer garden visit (with curry sausage and fries, obviously) before we headed home for more fun and games in the paddling pool. Did I mention it was hot? Ya. That kind of hot! Nothing a yummy BBQ can’t fix before it was bedtime for Ferdinand. He loves listening to Peter Alexander falling asleep. High five! It felt like visiting friends, what a fabulous and relaxed afternoon and family.

Peter Alexander playing as bedtime music boy drinking an evening bottle of milk abstract black and white of boy with towel mother wrapping son in towel after a bath boy is crying in paddling pool paddling pool on terrace with crying toddler toddler in paddling pool with T-Shirt family day outdoor in beergarden mother and son moment with flowers family of three hugging on the grass Dad and son hugging and laughing Dad and toddler goofing around beergarden food during photoshooting sulking boy walking away from Dad

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Thank you Petsy!
I was over the moon about our upcoming photo shooting with you. A family shooting spanning a whole afternoon. Wow! Nevertheless, the closer the date approached, I got more and more nervous. Will you like our home? Will you have enough photo opportunities? Will our little monster have a good day? What on earth were we thinking?

And then the day came, you rang the door bell and were just there. The whole time until the evening you were with us, without us perceiving you as a photographer. It was totally enjoyable, like a friend visiting who takes a few great images on the “go”. Even our little monster was not such a monster, but a cheerful, happy (cheeky) monkey, because you have such an incredible effect on children.

What we liked most about our shooting was that you were there, but more like a family friend. There was never an exhausting moment, we never thought this is too much and we are running out of steam. We did not notice that you took pictures. And yet you have captured all those beautiful moments. And that is exactly what makes these pictures extraordinary. Pure and genuine. They show us the way we are as a family.

I am not familiar with your “guided” 1-hour shootings, but after our beautiful experience, I would choose family photojournalism again and again. It was an incredibly joyous and relaxed afternoon and evening.



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