Ninjas, Batman and dancing!

I spent an afternoon with Melanie (a fellow photographer!) and her family at their home in the beautiful Allgäu to capture some unposed, honest, raw and authentic family photos. Gabriel is facing the decision to either become a ninja or super hero when he grows up. He has not yet decided and I am curious what he will settle on one day! He certainly looks the part in his ‘Batman’ cape, although his favorite super hero is “Cäptn Amörika”. You had to be there when he said it, I will never forget this until the end of my days! His nonchalance in wearing his cape and mask around the house and on our excursion was priceless. This little man is a true character and a ton of fun – with cape or with nothing at all!

His older sister Lilly keeps him on his toes, for sure! Boundless energy! Before and after her dancing class, she gave us a sample of her hip swing. Love. This shooting shows beautifully that you do not have to prepare a thing or have lots of activities, toys or games. Just go about your day and let me capture your awesomeness.

girl frustrated with a puzzle girl piggyback with mother father assembling a toy ship boy and his favorite fluffy bunny Girl sticking tongue out to brother mother doing nailploish for daughter boy in batman costume boy in batman costume playing table soccer mother reading a story to son daughter listens to mother telling a story bby boy gets his teeth brushed

You are excited about the images and would like to get in front of my camera? Great! GET YOUR INFORMATION BROCHURE NOW OR DROP ME A LINE and we will talk about your story and your images. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for the wonderful photoshooting and the unique memory that you have created for us! We are completely thrilled about you and your work.

You integrated seamlessly into our everyday life, we didn’t notice being photographed at all. It was as if a friend spends precious time with us. The children were so relaxed and chilled in front of your camera. We could simply “be” they way we really are, without thinking all the time “what about my hair… do I look silly… oh dear, what nonsense are the children thinking up now…” 🙂

We especially like that the images are completely unposed, just our family as we live and breathe.

We had no reservations prior to the photoshoot. We know your work and your info email explained what to expect. We were just really curious what kind of images will be created. We were not bothered or hindered in any way during the shoot, which is amazing considering it was several hours of photography. You have a beautiful mindful and calm nature, we felt wonderfully relaxed! We would recommend you without hesitation to our best friends! Everyone who wishes for a relaxed and informal photoshooting, MUST come to you! You’ve managed to capture our wonderfully chaotic family life forever. Thank you so much for everything.



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