No photo shoot preparation is just wonderful!

Embrace by Petsy Fink is my second brand in the photography world, established April 2017, solely concentrating on photographing joyful families in their stylish homes – all over Europe and 6+ hours. Happiness by Petsy Fink is my out-of-the-gate brand, established in 2011, which has a very different focus: weddings, bumps, babies, children and families, locally and in Bavaria, people’s milestones and happy days. Except weddings 1-2 hours in duration.

Each brand attracts different clients although I have families who book both types of shootings. Each brand offers a unique but different experience.

Apart from the photographic approach and the end result, Embrace and Happiness have one major difference: NO PREPARATION needed for Embrace. Prep is not even wanted. Let me explain how wonderful that is.

1. Embrace is not a brain teaser
You do not have to come up with an idea of what kind of photo shoot you’d like to do. Relaxed at home? An elaborate shoot with props? Outdoors or in the studio? What season? What theme? What to wear? What kind of activities? What did we do last year?

With family photojournalism, the parameters are set: we will photograph at your home and any location that a normal day involves. No props, themes needed. You wear what you would wear on any given Tuesday. Your daily routine provides the activities.

2. You stay put
No travel, no aggrevating traffic jams involved. You don’t have to wake your child in order to be on time for the best light. We will photograph at your home and ALL of it is part of the photo shoot. Sleeping baby included.

3. Don’t break a sweat
No props required, no need to schlep a unicorn from A to B.

4. The giggles will come back
No worries that the kids won’t behave. Kids are kids, they aren’t professionals, or grown ups. With 6+ hours we have plenty of time for them to snap out of any (bad) mood. They will have a meltdown or be uncooperative at times but with Embrace this is actually a photo opportunity, nothing to stress out about. You gonna love your son’s grumpy face image.

5. Tupperware free day
No picnic or snack prep. We are at your home. Just hop over to the fridge.

6. Freedom of outfit choice
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and fancy wearing! No color coordination needed, the images are in black & white. Go and get changed a gazillion times. We have plenty of time to show off your wardrobe or you can just rock your favorite jumpsuit all day. Blueberry stains on your daughters dress, your son soaking wet from endless rounds of water gun? No problem! Their wardrobes are just a few steps away.

7. No need to Ommmm
Relax quickly and have fun right from the start. You don’t have to get in the mood or shake any last minute “prep stress” or bad traffic. I will come to you and capture the day as it unfolds.

No preparation needed means you can enjoy the experience from the very first moment which will result in the most honest and real photos of your family you have ever had. I promised you, no prep is quite wonderful.

You are excited about the images and would like to get in front of my camera? Great! GET YOUR INFORMATION BROCHURE NOW OR DROP ME A LINE and we will talk about your story and your images. I would love to hear from you.


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