kind words

 Having a day in family life captured in beautiful images, is a very special memory. When we will look at our photos in 20 years from now, we will be able to re-live that day, and we will remember exactly our gone by routine with our young children and all its details which we will probably have forgotten.

The documentary photoshoot presented a whole new way for us to experience photography. With an unique, brilliant result.

The whole family is thrilled about the photos. We especially like that the images are raw, real and lively, and show us in our natural environment – our home! Nothing was directed or instructed. We were our natural selves, not forced into executing instructions.

Petsy, you have a beautiful mindful and calm nature, we were wonderfully relaxed and chilled! It was as if a friend spends precious time with us.



Thank you so much for the wonderful photoshooting and the unique memory that you have created for us! We were really curious what kind of images will be created. We are completely thrilled! You integrated seamlessly into our everyday life, we didn’t notice being photographed at all. We could simply “be” they way we really are.


The images are raw, real and lively, and show us in our natural environment. They show the smallest detail of our day in a very charming way, the beauty of everyday life. Our life. Petsy’s mindful and easy going nature gave us the feeling of having a dear friend over. We had a very nice, relaxing, and entertaining day.


The result blew our minds: Every single frame is simply beautiful and we like ourselves in the images (we normally don’t!). I could never catch all this myself. Thanks a lot, dear Petsy, you get five out of five stars – with another big star on top because you have met our two rascals at eye level and with a lot of empathy. We will be back for more.


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